Answered By: Reference Librarian
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LibGuides is a system that we have that will help you use the Library. Subject Guides and Course Guides are just two different types of Research Guides.

Subject Guides were created by the librarian responsible for that area. Since they are broader in nature, these guides provide a general overview of the resources (books, databases/online resources, websites, etc) the Library has for that subject. These are a good starting point for anyone who just wants to see what the Library has. Some examples are Business and Economics, Education, History, and Medicine, Health, and Nursing.

Course Guides are created for a particular course or assignment. These guides are most often created at the request of a professor. They are very focused and pull together the resources needed for that course or assignment to assist the students in a very specific way. Some examples are HY 201/203; Honors/American History I, International Business - Country Analysis Project, and NU 426: Community Health Across the Lifespan